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August 11, 2018 - New models and discovery of BriXtar

Half of year passed from my last blog report and I was busying myself with building new models and making instructions for some of them. I've also met Jonathan Jehander who is one of BriXtar founders. BriXtar is social network and application for smart phones. Its purpose is to connect designers of LEGO models with people who would like to build them - especially kids and their parents. I've begun collaborating with him so you can find me under nickname "buildinst" at BriXtar. I share some of my alternative models there and I've even built few models to order from BriXtar - chameleon and modified toxic dog from BriXbox (special LEGO set made by BriXtar team) and three alternative models from set 31079 (jet, dump truck and helicopter). You can learn more about BriXtar and download application here.


Besides models mentioned above I've built two new models out of LEGO Technic after long time. The first of them is freight helicopter built from this year's yacht (set 42074) and other is the second generation of shark from last year's jet (set 42066). Helicopter was inspired by toys and it spins both rotors when you are turning gear on its bottom. Shark is new version of my red shark from set 9394 that I built 5 years ago. It is bigger, better-looking, motorized and finally blue in comparison with original one. It features two motorized functions - moving tail and opening maw to eat moving fish. You can turn them on separately or together with help of two red levers on stand.


I would also like to mention few other models built out of classic LEGO bricks - series of alternative models from set 31056 (I have 30 of them now), prehistoric bird phorusrhacos from set 31073 and several BrickHeadz figures. I've discovered BrickHeadz with "Go brick me" set 41597. It is not surprise that my first model was me and my wife Viktoriya. Next creation was foursome of important Czech presidents. I've built them to celebrate 100th anniversary of establishment separate Czechoslovakia. These presidents are Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk with Czech flag (the first Czechoslovak president), Klement Gottwald with sickle and hammer (the first communist president), Václav Havel with files full of dramas (the first president of separate Czech Republic) and Miloš Zeman with bottle of his favorite herbal liqueur (the first Czech president elected directly by people).


helicopter shark chain saw robot

jet chameleon Tomik and Vika presidents