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July 26, 2017 - Finally new website

Since Christmas I've begun moving all old building instructions to new website. During this process I've also rectified small defects that I found in them - mostly I was adding missing prints (eyes of older animals), missing parts (pull back motors) or changing order of steps. Only red shark from set 9394 was greatly upgraded to resemble real shark more accurately (I've rebuilt its back and moved fins further from head). I haven't finished new instructions for it yet so if you want to build this shark you have to use original instructions from old website.


Besides these building instructions I've added almost twenty brand new instructions for models built out of new LEGO Creator sets and for part of models I built for project called LEGO stavění (in English: Building out of LEGO) last year. Due to growing number of building instructions (there are more than 100 of them at buildinst now) I've divided them into four groups: Creator, Technic, Mindstorms and Miscellaneous. Group Mindstorms may also contain building instructions for models built out of other pragrammable sets in future and group Miscellaneous (labeled by question mark) contains building instructions for models built out of any other set. Finally I've updated my "LEGO story" with summary of last few years and my picture in case you are interested how I look like. :-) Later I also plan to add missing links to bills of material, themes of models (for example vehicle, animal etc. that will be used for searching) and galleries with pictures.


And now let's look closer to new models I've built since Christmas. I've begun with series of 5 alternative models built out of little green convertible (set 31056). In general this set is green remake of older orange convertible 31017 that I've rebuilt into 13 my own alternative models. So my goal with this set was very simple - I wanted to try whether I am able to build same models from it as from orange one and additionally to participate in competition in building alternative models. I have to say I like new models more than old ones and you can make your own opinion by comparing green crocodile, helicopter, motor boat and fish with their older orange brothers. I should also mention my alternatives for this year "ugly" LEGO Creator sets - dragon built out of robot, baywatch hut with shark from beach hut and tractor built out of motorbike (I don't assume this motorbike to be ugly but it is not very suitable for building alternative models thanks to its specific assortment of parts).


Finally I'm going to tell you about 2 projects I joined in - making short videos for application LEGO Life and organizing competition in building alternative models. I've made two videos: the first was how to build fish out of set 31056 and the other was how to build shark with baywatch hut out of set 31063. I'll add links to this videos as soon as they are released. Thanks to this project I've got all new LEGO Creator set released in the first half of year 2017 so you can look forward to new models built out of them. I've announced competition in building alternative models at LEGO forum kostky.org and was its main judge. We chose set LEGO Technic 42060 - Roadwork crew as donor of bricks. You can look what we've created out of it here. I've built formula with front axle steering and plane that whirls its propeller when you are moving it, to inspire others.


motor boat fish truck dragosaur

baywatch hut tractor formula 1 plane