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February 18, 2018 - Awesome set 31056

At the end of last year I set myself daring goal: to build 20 alternative models out of set 31056 (green convertible). I already finished 9 alternates that time but I was still missing other 11 models. I began taking this set with me when I was travelling by train. It was really good idea because sometimes I was able to build even two new models during 3 hours long journey and same on way back. The greatest challenge was not to build model but to find new original idea. I made such a unique models as electric guitar, lawn mower or baby carriage this way. Since I believed it is impossible to build motorbike out of set 31056, scooter is the most significant model for me.


Besides models from set 31056 I was dealing with creative crisis at the turn of 2017 and 2018. I had many ideas for new models but when I took bricks into my hands I was not able to build anything. I began overcoming this period with sets 31060 (truck with planes) and 41129 (hot dog stand) that were lying on my table and waiting me to rebuild them. I've built helicopter from set 31060 and funny pick-up truck out of set 41129 that looks like from some cartoon. My latest model is cute rabbit built out of set 31044 (dog and ducks). And why did I build another rabbit? Since I haven't built any for a long time... :-)


And what can you look forward to in future? I would like to build something big from LEGO Technic - it could be new version of shark, helicopter, alternative model of Porsche 911 or Mindstorms vehicle. If you wait you will see result...


21 models helicopter rabbit pick-up truck