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April 1, 2023 - Behind the scenes information from LEGO

When I was in Billund last time I talked with one LEGO designer (he asked me to conceal his name) about new sets from LEGO Marvel theme. I was surprised by information that LEGO is planning to re-release set 76191 this year because it was originally released in 2021 and is still available at lego.com. Here is part of our conversation about it:


Tomik: Do you work on any interesting model now?

Designer: Actually I work on new version of set 76191 that is planned to be re-released in 2023.

Tomik: I own this set. It is Infinity Gauntlet!

Designer: Not any more. It's gonna be re-released as Infinity Toilet also known as "Golden Throne of Thanos".

Tomik: I haven't heard about Infinity Toilet in any movie from MCU. Can you tell me more about it?

Designer: It is no surprise for me. I haven't heard about it either before I started working on this set. It was not shown in any movie but it played an important part behind the scenes.

Tomik: Does it have any super power in MCU?

Designer: Yes, it can remove all your bad things (you name them) with just one flush.

Tomik: It is interesting feature. And what about new LEGO model? Will it feature any interesting functions?

Designer: Model will feature opening cover, moving cistern lever, two brown "bad things" and it will be compatible with Thanos Mech from set 76141. It is also interesting that it will be built out of bricks from original set 76191 so re-released set needs just new box design and building instructions.

Tomik: It sounds promissing but I still wonder why LEGO wanna re-release this set while it was originally released in 2021 and is still available for sale?

Designer: They want to celebrate great success of Infinity Saga and bright future of MCU movies with this set.


Designer also showed me this model on his smartphone so I was able to reverse-engineer it for you. Although I tried my best it can be little bit different to final product.


infinity toilet infinity toilet infinity toilet infinity toilet