• December 31, 2016 - New Year's Eve with new building instructions

    You can start new year 2017 with new building instructions for anticipated CLEV3R CAR built out of Mindstorms set 31313, dragster built out of set 42036 and three smaller models built out of Creator sets 31037, 31045 and 31046. You can learn more about what I was working on, what I'm working on now and what you can expect in future at my blog.

  • February 14, 2016 - Two new instructions and record in blog

    At the beginning I'd like to announce that building instructions for hovercraft built out of set 9394 were finally released. I've also added instructions for cute cat built out of set 31044. If you are interested in what I was working on last half of year and what I am working on now, read the latest record in blog.